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Related article: Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2009 05:19:39 -0800 (PST) From: Mickey McCloud Subject: Adult Video EncounterAll the usual legal restrictions apply. If it is illegal or if you are offended by sexually oriented material do not read. As always practice safe sex! Adult Video EncounterA couple of weeks ago I was feeling particularly horny. My wife has not been giving it up so I needed some relief. There are two adult video stores here in Ohio that I sometimes visit to remedy this problem. I chose the one that is an hour away -- the farther of the two, because it usually has more activity.I drove hoping that there would be some chance of action. These places can be hit and miss. I entered and purchased the required five dollars of tokens and headed to the video arcade in the back. After a quick glance at the movie selections I headed to the back booth. I am not particular as to the porn that I watch since it all turns me on depending on my mood. I settled on a straight video that had a milf getting her pussy pounded by a young hot dude. I had brought my bottle of lube so I pulled my jeans down and lubed up my cock, balls and ass. I sometimes like to play with my pucker a bit, it is so sensitive.After a few minutes I realized that I was being watched through the partially closed curtain in the doorway. I looked at a guy that may have been in his fifties. He was rubbing his crotch and when I just stared he must have felt that I approved of him coming in. He entered and pulled out a six inch hard cock. I reached out and stroked it a couple times. He moaned so I got on my knees and took it all into my waiting mouth. I sucked him hard and fast for about three or four minutes when he just started huffing and puffing and then shot spurt after spurt into my mouth. I just swallowed down his creamy load as he was trying to Young Lolita Porn catch his breath. As I rose to sit back on the bench he bolted.I went back to my jacking and in a couple of minutes there was another guy watching. I followed the same routine. I stared at his crotch and into the booth he came. He reached for my hard cock but I pushed him away. He was stroking his limp dick so I just watched. Then in came a latino guy and he immediately pulled his cock out. He pushed me away a couple times and then said he wanted to fuck me. I asked if he had a condom but he didn't. As I reached for latin guys cock again he let me stroke him. I did not have room to suck him cuz limp old dude was still watching.I jacked him for a few minutes and he pushed me away saying he did not want to cum yet. But when I reached for him again he just moaned and shot all over my hand. During all this there were two other dudes in the doorway watching. As latin guy and old limp dude left I stood and turned around. The two dudes in the doorway started rubbing my smooth bare ass. Just then I felt something cold and wet on my right ass cheak. I thought someone was licking my ass but as I turned I saw it was a hard cock with precum leaking out. I shifted Young Lolita Porn to the right and his hard cock was at my crack. I was so fucking horny I just bent forward and was greeted by a cock at my tight virgin ass pussy. He pushed forward as I pushed back and bam he was in. I was glad I had lubed up earlier! He started fucking me with long steady strokes. In about two minutes he was really hammering me and grunted as he bred me deep. He pulled out and I started to stand when his buddy was rubbing his hard dick at my ass. I figured what the hell and bent forward again. He just slid all the way in on one push. He only fucked me for ten seconds and came into my bowels adding to his buddies load. Then unceremoniously pulled out and left.I sat back down and tried to regain my composer. As I thought about what just happened I shot the biggest load of my life! My drive home had me thinking. I had swallowed a load, jerked off latin guy, and took two loads in my ass! A pretty good day -- and I wasn't done yet...Write me if you liked this or if you want more at mickey_mccloud_99yahoo.com
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